Luscious Watermelon Cobbler – (Delightfully Refreshing!)

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Warm syrupy watermelon encased in a fluffy dough topped with crispy crust! This cobbler is delightfully refreshing!

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Luscious Watermelon Cobbler is a recipe that is surprisingly refreshing. Watermelon in a cobbler? I know it sounds crazy, but trust me…this cobbler is actually Aaaaa-mazing! It took only one bite of warm syrupy watermelon, encased in a fluffy dough, and topped with crispy crust to make me a believer.

Luscious Watermelon Cobbler

I had a lot of preconceived notions about this recipe prior to giving it a go. Would it be too sweet? Would the watermelon add too much natural juice, throwing off the balance of the ingredients? Is it considered sacrilegious to heat watermelon? All of my fears were put to ease when I taste-tested the final product, and then had another taste, and then another.

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How to choose a ripe watermelon

The highlight of Luscious Watermelon Cobbler is the watermelon, of course. Learning how to pick out a ripe and perfectly sweetened watermelon is a skill worth mastering. You can find a lot of advice on the internet instructing how to tell if a watermelon is ripe. One of those ideas suggests the thumping method. When thumping a watermelon it is supposed to sound hollow. I’ll admit that I have tried this, even though I know a more accurate method. I went against my better judgement and what sounded “hollow” to me, left me with a flavorless melon.

Take some advice from this southern girl. The best way to pick out a ripened watermelon is to roll it over. The top should be a nice bright green and the bottom should be yellowed, but not rotting. Any dark brown indentations are from the plant’s vines and are okay. Bright green on top means that the melon has reached its full growth, while yellow on the bottom means that it was on the vine long enough to fully ripen.

How to make Luscious Watermelon Cobbler

This cobbler takes very few ingredients and is very easy to prepare. The “batter” in this recipe is for a simple cobbler. Feel free to use the same instructions using a different fruit for a variety of amazing desserts.

Equipment Used

Ingredient List

Recipe Preparation

  • Now that you have brought home the ideal melon, it’s time to chop it into little chunks. You need 5 cups of watermelon for this dish, so you should have a little extra to nibble on later. The chunks should be about 1-inch in size. Make sure to remove all seeds. Set watermelon aside until ready to use.
Watermelon Cobbler Recipe
  • Melt the butter in a rectangular casserole dish by placing it in the oven as it preheats. Keep an eye on the butter as it melts. You don’t want it to brown. After butter is melted, remove baking dish and set aside on a heat-proof surface.
Watermelon Cobbler
  • Carefully, pour watermelon chunks into the hot baking dish, spreading them out over the butter.
Watermelon Cobbler
  • Combine all dry ingredients, except the cinnamon. Be sure to stir, or whisk, until all ingredients are well blended. Add in the wet ingredients, and cinnamon. If you do not have buttermilk, regular milk will work with the same results. Mix until no clumps remain.
  • Carefully, pour batter over the watermelon chunks in casserole dish. Sprinkle the top of the cobbler with sugar and bake. You can use granulated sugar for sprinkling, however; I like to use Turnado sugar. Turnado is a lighter brown sugar that has larger crystals . These crystals add a tiny crunch to the topping. Turnado can usually be found with the other sugars in the baking aisle of your grocery store.
Luscious Watermelon Cobbler
  • Bake cobbler at 400 degrees for 30 to 45 minutes, or until top is golden brown.

Be sure to leave a comment on this one. I’d love to hear your thoughts on watermelon cobbler as a rising summer star!


Luscious Watermelon Cobbler

A unique and luscious twist on the classic summer cobbler! Watermelon Cobbler will delight and refresh at your next summer barbeque.
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Course: brunch, Desserts
Cuisine: American
Servings: 10
Calories: 172kcal



  • Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Place butter in a large baking dish and insert dish into oven to allow butter to melt as it heats. When butter is melted remove dish from oven.
  • Chop watermelon into 1-inch chunks, removing all seeds. Set aside.
  • In a large mixing bowl, combine flour, sugar, and baking powder. Add in buttermilk, vanilla extract, lemon juice, and cinnamon. Stir until well combined and no clumps remain.
  • Add watermelon to the melted butter in the baking dish. Pour batter over the watermelon, covering each piece.
  • Sprinkle the top of batter with sugar. Place baking dish back in preheated oven and bake for 30 to 45 minutes, or until edges are golden brown and bubbly.


Helpful Tip:  When serving a hot dessert with ice cream or whipped topping, allow dish to cool slightly so topping does not immediately melt.


Calories: 172kcal | Carbohydrates: 38g | Protein: 3g | Fat: 1g | Saturated Fat: 1g | Sugar: 27g

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