Chocolate Covered Fluffernutter Cookies (Legendary!)

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Buttery Ritz crackers embracing creamy peanut butter and marshmallow fluff, dipped in luscious chocolate.

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Chocolate Covered Fluffernutter Cookies are pure legen…(wait for it)…DARY!! Creamy peanut butter spread and marshmallow fluff sandwiched between two buttery Ritz crackers, dipped in chocolate is the dessert of your dreams! They are easy, fun, delicious, and portable for when you want to share. But it’s totally okay to keep them all for yourself! 😉

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What is a Fluffernutter?

So, as a southerner I had never heard of a “Fluffernutter” until my New England husband raved on and on about this sandwich he grew up with that was comprised of bread, peanut butter, and marshmallow fluff. I was immediately intrigued. I have always had a love of peanut butter and marshmallow fluff, and now I’m learning that a genius mind somewhere out in the Northeast has blended the two together! I MUST try this!

As a true foodie, I not only love to create and learn about recipes, I also love to learn of their origin. I like to know where a dish has come from to better understand how to prepare it. As quickly as I could type into Google I learned that this peanut butter sandwich layered with marshmallow fluff is indeed from New England; Massachusetts to be exact, and was invented during World War I. The term “Fluffernutter” was created as an advertising campaign in 1960. Interesting, huh?


So, back to my latest creation… Considering we rarely keep sliced bread in the house and considering the calories that are in each full-sized fluffernutter sandwich, I decided to create something smaller for those times when you just want a little taste. Thus, the Chocolate Covered Fluffernutter Cookie was born! I hope you and your family enjoy it as much as my hubby does!

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How to make Chocolate Covered Fluffernutter Cookies

Chocolate Covered Fluffernutter Cookies are quite impressive considering the few items it takes to make them. They also make great gifts for the holidays, birthdays, new neighbors, or any occasion that calls for something extra special.

Equipment Used

Ingredient List

I used dark chocolate, but feel free to get creative here with the many options available; milk chocolate, white chocolate, or even butterscotch. Make this recipe your own by trying out different sprinkles, too.

Recipe Preparation

  • Line a large baking sheet with wax paper, and set aside. The wax paper will prevent the chocolate from sticking as the cookies cool. You can use your counter top lined with wax paper if you prefer. I use the baking sheet so I can easily transport them if needed.
  • Chop peanuts into sprinkle-sized pieces. Or, try using a mini-marshmallow on top before the chocolate sets.
  • In a small mixing bowl, blend the peanut butter with the powdered sugar (also known as confectioner’s sugar) until well blended. I used a silicone spoon for this step. The peanut butter will not stick to silicone as much as it does to wood and metal surfaces.
  • Layer 15 to 20 Ritz crackers with peanut butter spread and set aside. Layer another 15 to 20 crackers with marshmallow fluff. The amount of cookies this recipe makes is adjustable depending upon how much spread and fluff is used in each cookie.
  • Combine the peanut butter spread cracker and the marshmallow fluff cracker, pressing very gently.
  • Melt baking chocolate in a microwave proof bowl according to package directions. My chocolate was completely melted within a minute of cooking time. I stirred after each 20 second mark for consistent melting.
  • Using two forks, to drain excess chocolate, carefully dip each cookie into the melted chocolate and turn to coat. Lift cookie out of the chocolate and place on the baking sheet lined with wax paper. Sprinkle with chopped peanuts and allow to cool and harden.
Chocolate Covered Fluffernutter Cookies
  • Chocolate Covered Fluffernutter Cookies should be stored in the refrigerator, but can be left out on a table for social events as long as they are not near heat.

Chocolate Covered Fluffernutter Cookies

Buttery Ritz crackers embracing creamy peanut butter and marshmallow fluff, dipped in luscious chocolate.
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Course: Desserts
Cuisine: American
Servings: 35 cookies
Calories: 165kcal



  • Line a large baking sheet with waxed paper and set aside.
  • In a small bowl, mix peanut butter and powdered sugar until well blended using a silicone spoon.
  • Spread a layer of peanut butter spread on 35 crackers. Next, spread a layer of marshmallow fluff on another 35 crackers.
  • Put the peanut butter spread crackers on top of the marshmallow fluff crackers, pressing gently.
  • Melt bakers chocolate in the microwave according to packages directions.
  • Using two forks, dunk the sandwich cookies in the chocolate until well coated. Place on baking sheet lined with wax paper and top with chopped peanuts.
  • Allow to cool completely before serving.


Helpful Tip:  Cookies should be stored in the refrigerator, but will not melt if left out on a table during inside social events.  They should not be near heat.


Calories: 165kcal | Carbohydrates: 17g | Protein: 3g | Fat: 10g | Saturated Fat: 4g | Fiber: 1g | Sugar: 15g

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